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Installation of solar panels in your house for the future

Installation of solar panels in your house for the future

Solar panels are growing in popularity these days. It is because of their low maintenance costs, reliability, and environmental friendliness. But each house cannot have solar panels for various reasons. Today the main focus of the article is to tell you how much it will cost you to install a small scale solar panel system in your house? The estimated costs will vary depending upon the type of solar panel system you wish to install at your place.

A small scale solar panel system costs nearly $8000-$12000 (approx). There are different types of solar power systems; each has its own cost range. Some common types of these systems are given here

1. PV modules with inverters

The cost of a solar panel system with inverters is nearly around $8000-$12000(approx). Solar panels work on two basic principles i.e., direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). An inverter is a device which converts DC to AC. Grid-tie system is an example of this type of solar panel system or setup

2. Grid-tie only systems

A grid-tie system with no battery backup can be easily set up without spending too much money. Grid-tie systems come with a net meter (it calculates the solar power that we produce and sends it to the grid). One can buy the system only after checking whether they meet all local and state/ territory regulations. The cost of these types of systems is around $5000-$8000(approx).

3. Building integrated photovoltaic

Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is a category of solar panel systems in which PV modules are adapted to blend in with the surrounding environment. The cost of these types of solar panels are nearly $8000-$12000(approx).

The benefit of solar panel system

Benefits of going solar There are a number of benefits of going solar. Some of them are listed below

1. Solar power is reliable and dependable – The main advantage of using a solar panel is its reliability and durability. It runs on clean energy which does not emit any greenhouse gasses during generation process. This is one of the biggest advantages of using solar power.

2. Solar panels are less expensive – The initial cost required to install a solar panel is very low. When you compare it with other types of energy, this becomes more obvious that solar power is relatively cheap than other sources like coal or natural gas etc. 0

3. You do not require any extra space – The best part of owning solar panels is that you do not need to purchase any additional land. It can be easily fitted on the rooftop of your home without taking much space.

4. Solar power does not produce toxic waste – The only byproduct produced during the generation process is clean water which can be used for irrigation and washing purpose. It does not produce any hazardous or toxic waste like other sources of energy such as coal and natural gas etc.

5. No need to pay taxes – Solar power is exempt from various taxes and duties which are required to be paid while purchasing other types of energy.

6. Increase in property value – Solar panels add an extra value to the property on which they are installed. The cost of purchase and installation is more or less recovered within a few years of using solar panels due to reduction in energy bills through generation of green renewable power.

7. Solar power is clean, green and sustainable – Green Energy is one commodity which everyone needs for a healthy life, but the drawback value to your property and enhance its chances of getting sold.

8. You can sell surplus power – If your solar panel system produces more energy than your requirement, then you can simply feed it back to the grid. In this case, you will be given a check by the government which contains credits for any extra power provided to the grid.

9. It makes you energy independent – With the help of a solar panel system, you can literally get rid of any power cut and become truly energy in depended. This will reduce your dependency on other sources of electricity.

10. Solar panels are safe for environment – The generation process is pollution free which means it does not pollute waterer air. It does not emit any greenhouse gasses which are hazardous for the environment.

Why it is important to have solar panel in your house

The use of a solar panel system can decrease your reliance on any other type of fuel and it will become an integral part of your life. The initial cost of installation is low and it can be easily maintained without spending much money. It makes you energy independent which brings peace in mind. In the future, the world may face scarcity of fuel and in this case, the use of solar power will become necessary. In order to prepare for such a situation, you must install solar panel system in your house which will produce enough energy required by the household.

Summary: Solar panels are becoming an integral part of our life because of its benefits


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